Easter Dinner Prep ~ Primitive Trade Show

Easter Dinner Prep ~ Primitive Trade Show

Busy week at Country Essentials. Easter Week and the warm weather have brought all our beloved Guests out of hiding! LOL Winter has FINALLY loosened it's grip up here in New England.
Every year, my Husband says: Oh, the snow will never be gone by Easter. It's always measured in his mind, by Easter, even tho it is always different. And I, just 'cos he says that ALWAYS SAY: Nope, it will be gone. It's become a rite of Spring for us, all good fun.
So this is a picture of one of my Cabinets filled with some of my favorite things. 
Johnson Brothers Village Dinnerware, and Pewter. 
My husband bought the whole set for me one Anniversary. I love it! Always have wanted it.  

My Sister and her family will be joining us from Massachusetts, and my three grown children will be heading home with boyfriend, girlfriend and Wife! 
Dinner and Family, Food and Fun! Looking forward to it.
Meanwhile, back at our Primitive Shop, it's time to go to Market AGAIN!
Poor Hubby says, "but we are loaded", it's true! :), but how can you pass up a show?
So he will be lifting and loading, while I am standing and POINTING! haha.

These shows have the BEST, handcrafts, Primitive Decor, and Country Home Decor. 
I suspect I will find some nice outdoor primitive garden. These are the original designers, and authentic paints and finishes. Only Professionals are at these shows. That is what makes Country Essentials different. We don't fool around with copy cat cheap imitations.
We travel and research to find top quality, and original designs. 

Wishing you a very Happy Easter, if you are so inclined, and or a Wonderful Week!
Stay tuned to see what we get at the show, and our OPEN HOUSE announcement!

Prim Blessings~
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